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Peace of mind is what we're all after when building or renovating. And it's not hard to find if you choose products and services from well-established, trusted companies.

A little wiser now due to recent events, the majority of people renovating or building a new home are taking care to ensure that the building materials and experts they use for their project offer two important features: quality and reliability.

These are certainly two characteristics embodied in the flagship showhome built by the Waikato Registered Master Builders Association. Not only does it feature the superior craftsmanship typical of a Master Builder, but it also incorporates the quality and durability of Linea™ Weatherboard and other James Hardie products.

Located in the Hamilton suburb of Somerset Heights, the house was designed by Steve Krielen from True Style Homes. A contemporary single-level, three-bedroom family home, it features a spacious open-plan living area and a formal lounge opening onto a patio with a portico.

Peter Santner, recent President of the Waikato Registered Master Builders Association, was involved in the project and fully endorses James Hardie products, in particular Linea Weatherboard.

'We use Linea Weatherboard all the time,' he says. 'The majority of our homes feature Linea in some shape or form. We definitely promote it as a cladding product, both for its durability and long life, as well as for its design versatility.'

Linea Weatherboard is made using James Hardie's breakthrough Ceramic Low Density (CLD®) technology, so it combines strength, durability and light weight. Unlike traditional timber weatherboards that can warp, rot, crack and buckle when not regularly maintained, Linea Weatherboards are made from a more stable material that resists shrinkage, swelling, twisting and cracking with only limited maintenance requirements. Not only do Linea Weatherboards maintain their integrity, but your paint finish continues to look great.

And just like the Master Builder 7 Year Guarantee, Linea Weatherboard comes with a 25-year product warranty and an extended manufacturers' paint warranty on Dulux, Resene and Taubmans Wattyl coatings. When companies stand behind their products and workmanship in this way, you know that you’re getting quality.

'This showhome is the first Registered Master Builders' showhome in the country built by a local association,' says Peter. 'We had a lot of support from suppliers and subtrades who helped make the whole project possible.'

'The focus of the project was on craftsmanship and material selection. We wanted top-quality products, and James Hardie Linea Weatherboard was exactly what we were after - it's durable, low maintenance and fire resistant. Plus, its stability enables it to be painted dark colours, which was a big bonus, as we wanted to use a dark charcoal grey.'

Copper corner soakers are used with the Linea Weatherboards, and the Waikato Registered Master Builders showhome also features HardieGroove™ Soffit Linings and Villaboard® Lining in the main bathroom as a solid substrate for the tiles.

'In the front entrance hall, we used HardieGroove Lining up to dado height to create a nice design feature and provide impact resistance in this high-traffic area,' says Peter.

The result is a home that showcases the best of Registered Master Builders' workmanship and the quality and durability of James Hardie products.

Part of the Registered Master Builders Federation's network of 22 regional associations, Waikato Registered Master Builders was established in the 1960s and currently has 133 builder members.

The Colours used on this home are:
Linea Weatherboard – Dulux Glenbrooke Ref 59
Plaster - Dulux Half Sandy Day Ref P14C1H
- Posted by James Hardie  |  23 Jul 2007 3:29pm

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