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The Third Time's a Charm

After building their two previous homes in conventional brick, these homeowners finally got the house they wanted using a striking combination of Linea Weatherboard and Titan Façade Panel.

It took Shayne and Andrea Miers three attempts at building their dream home, but they've done it now, and it's obvious why they're so happy with the end result.

With four bedrooms plus a hobby room and a study, the eye-catching contemporary home sits on a sloping, north-facing site in Pukekohe, just south of Auckland.

Architectural designer Mike Murphy worked on the initial concept with Shayne and Andrea (who already had a very good idea of what they wanted) to create a design that expressed their personalities and incorporated their list of must-haves. Among their requirements were a monopitch roof with sloping ceilings to create high studs and large, airy internal spaces; an open-plan kitchen, dining and living area flowing out onto usable outdoor livings spaces was another key requirement.

"We like the modern, spacious design of this house," says Shayne. "We wanted the weatherboard look combined with another cladding, and we wanted to be able to paint it dark colours. I already knew a bit about Linea Weatherboard and Mike said it would be perfect for this home."

The Miers say they chose Linea Weatherboard because they liked the nice clean lines of the weatherboard look, but didn't want to be bothered with maintenance when they'd rather be spending weekends with their children.

They also opted to use a combination of James Hardie products on the home's exterior in order to visually break up the house. "If you look at the house from the north, the cladding alternates: Linea, Titan, Linea... Every time the house steps in, the cladding changes," says Shayne.

On the western end an 8m-high parapet wall clad in express-jointed Titan® Façade Panel breaks up the continuous lines of the monopitch roof. The Miers like the way the expressed jointing adds some detail to the Titan without being too busy.

The dark charcoal of Jacobsen Hidin Grey on the Linea Weatherboards is offset by the paler muddy-grey tone of Jacobsen Half Prospect on the Titan Façade Panel.

Designer Mike Murphy says this is one of several reasons he likes to specify Linea Weatherboard. "Because of its stability, you have the ability to paint Linea dark colours," he says. "It also offers great versatility in terms of design, and combined with Titan, the change in texture creates great visual interest."

Other James Hardie products on the home's exterior include HardieGroove™ Lining around the entertaining area, and Hardiesoffit® Lining on the eaves.

Inside, on the basement is the main entrance, the garage, a toilet and a hobby room. Upstairs is the kitchen and open-plan dining, family room and lounge, with three bedrooms, a laundry, internal study, the main bathroom and the master suite. The bathrooms - one of which has a 4m-high ceiling and long, narrow slot windows to bring in natural light - feature Tile & Slate Underlay.

The contemporary design of the Miers' new home is quite a departure from their previous house, a fairly typical brick-and-tile home in South Auckland. Their very first home was also built of brick.

"When we built our previous house, we contemplated building the style of house we've done now. But our builder talked us out of it, saying that the whole monopitch roof look was just a fad," says Shayne. "We went along with what he said and decided to go for something more conventional because, at the time, there weren't many people building the monopitch style of house in that area."

However, Shayne admits that he and Andrea quickly began to get bored with the home's standard design and the uninspiring brick construction that didn't allow them any scope for change. "That's why, after two years, we decided to sell it and to build the house we'd always wanted."

Hi would it be possilbe to create the same home on a level section, and approximatly how much would you be looking at the create a similar design please. We own an Arce of land and would like to build something that will maximize the views.

thanks Gail
- Posted by Gail  |  22 Apr 2007 8:57pm
What is the lenth and width of the top floor of the house. Lovely Design
- Posted by Debby  |  22 Apr 2007 11:12am
We just adore the bathroom! Are they brown tiles on the floor. We would love to know what colour paint is on the walls and doors of the bathroom. It looks fab!!!
- Posted by melanie  |  15 Apr 2007 7:44pm
what is the cost per M2 for the Linea weatherboard please,and do you have an installer in the Franklin area.
- Posted by Shaun  |  13 Apr 2007 12:33pm
What is the sq meters and approx cost of building
- Posted by Paul  |  11 Apr 2007 9:53am
Luv the look. Like Emma, I'd like to know what would be a ball-park figure in terms of costs, to put up sometning like this?
- Posted by Trevor  |  4 Apr 2007 10:49am
The colours look great can you give me the names of them please
- Posted by Murray  |  29 Mar 2007 9:07pm
i would also like to know colours used - really nice
- Posted by Amanda  |  29 Mar 2007 12:33pm
Can you please give me some indication what something like this would cost to build?
- Posted by Emma  |  26 Mar 2007 4:29pm
I can see why the owners were keen to move away from brick. Their new house is wonderful with heaps of character.
- Posted by Deirdre  |  21 Mar 2007 3:42pm

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