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James Hardie manufactures a broad range of fibre cement building products. If you are building a new house or renovating an existing home, check out our external cladding products - Linea® Weatherboard, Monotek® Sheet, and Titan® Facade Panels, and our lining products - HardieGroove™ Lining and Villaboard® Lining for internal walls, ceilings and exterior eaves and soffits.

Find out more about our full range of building materials from the list below:

Bracing Details

All houses require bracing against lateral forces developing due to wind pressures and earthquake. Due to current design trends, the role of bracing becomes more critical.

Fire and Acoustic Systems

Using a range of James Hardie products makes achieving fire and acoustically rated walls easy.


Contains our Product Identification Guide, Look Inside, Look Around, Look Home, Building Insite and the Group Home Builder Consumer Flyer.

Wet Area Construction

Wet areas, such as bathrooms, are expensive to install in the first place, so it follows that any problems are also expensive to fix.
Eaves & Soffits

Eclipsa™ Eaves Lining

Pre-painted in a versatile natural white, Eclipsa™ Eaves Lining with colour-matched fasteners and pvc joining strips, creates a professional finish without the need for on-site painting.

HardieFlex™ Eaves Lining

Compliments the HardieSoffit Eaves range and comes both in 4.5mm and 6mm thick fiber cement sheet and in larger sizes to accommodate wider soffits on buildings. HardieFlex™ Eaves Lining is fixed exactly as HardieSoffits with PVC joiners or with expressed joints.

HardieGroove™ Soffit Lining

HardieGroove™ Soffit Lining has the charm of traditional tongue and groove timber panelling, but has all the qualities of a modern James Hardie fibre cement product. It is perfect for enhancing design lines on modern buildings or renovating old villas and bungalows.

HardieSoffit Eaves

HardieSoffit Eaves are specially manufactured for narrow soffits around the perimeter of a building. HardieSoffit Eaves sheets have an unsanded finished surface, which ideally suitable for a semi gloss finish.

Silkline® Soffit Lining

Silkline® Soffits Lining is a pre-finished ready to install soffit product with colour matched accessories and jointers to create an easy to install and maintain system.

Villaboard® Soffit Lining

Villaboard® Soffit Lining are ideal for large areas. With all four edges recessed for easy jointing and to create a smooth monolithic like finish. The sheets are also fully sanded to give a smoother surface to finish.

HardiePanel™ Compressed Sheet

HardiePanel™ Compressed Sheets are ideal structural flooring for use in tiled wet, semi-wet and dry areas. HardiePanel can help you achieve the desired look of tiled external decking using lightweight construction.

Scyon® Secura™ Exterior Flooring

Secura™ Exterior Flooring is an external structural flooring substrate for ceramic tile finishes over timber or lightweight steel floor joists. Simple and fast to install, Secura™ Exterior Flooring helps give you peace of mind against moisture damage to balcony floors.

Scyon® Secura™ Interior Flooring

Secura™ Interior Flooring is a heavy-duty, lightweight structural flooring substrate that can be used for tile, vinyl or carpet finishes over timber floor joists in wet and dry areas.

Tile & Slate Underlay

Tile and Slate Underlay is a sealed board specially designed for use as a tile substrate for internal floors.
Internal Linings

HardieGlaze™ Lining

HardieGlaze™ Lining will create an easy-clean ceramic look on bathroom walls, laundries, or other wet areas Hard-wearing high-gloss polyurethane coating.

HardieGroove™ Lining

The traditional tongue and groove look of HardieGroove™ Lining that looks fabulous in contempory or traditional designs.

Horizon™ Lining

With a contemporary palette, Horizon™ Lining is ideal for anywhere that requires a great looking and durable wall finish, ideal for both work and living spaces. You can flow colours and designs throughout interior.

Rawform® Lining

Rawform™ Lining was created in response to the architectural demand for ‘honest’ products such as polished concrete. It’s has been crafted to ‘expose’ the true nature of James Hardie fibre cement. Rawform Lining is a pre-finished lining with a high gloss finish that ticks all the boxes for your design needs. Ideal for internal feature walls and internal walls, create your own design style by playing on the mix of aluminum accessories.

Villaboard® Lining

Villaboard® Lining is a smooth finished interior wall-lining that can be painted, wallpapered, or tiled to create or complement a wide range of design looks.

Hardiebacker™ Substrate

Hardiebacker® is an ideal substrate for the solid plaster look. It is structurally stable and provides the plastered surface with bracing performance. Its tolerance to moisture movement makes it dimensionally stable and has been tested by BRANZ.

Monotek® Sheet

Developed specifically for New Zealands's climatic conditions, Monotek Sheet is a versatile, cost effective cladding that creates reliable and seamless walls.

CLD Structural Cavity Batten

CLD Structural Cavity Battens are an alternative to traditional timber battens used with the installation of Titan Façade Panel. Due to its composition and stability, the batten acts as a structural element when fixed to the framing.

ExoTec® Facade Panel

An emerging design trend is the "express panel" look - originally used on commercial buildings it is also becoming very popular on commercial and residential buildings.

HardieFlex™ Sheets

Hardiflex® Sheets offer a smooth paneled look that can be used for straight or curved walls and eave or soffit linings in just about any application. Hardiflex® is suitable for use in extensions, second storey additions, gable ends and can also be used to

Scyon® Axon® Panel

James Hardie's AxonTM Panel presents you with an exciting cladding product with subtle vertical lines that can be painted any colour of the spectrum, including black. Shiplap jointing option facilitates concealed vertical joints giving it a versatile look. Combined with its superior weather resistance and durability, when you select Axon Panel you'll be designing a home that will reflect your style and personality for generations to come. Axon Panel is ideal for general cladding purpose for both resident

Scyon® Stria® Cladding

Scyon® Stria® Cladding is ideal for residential and light commercial applications in both contemporary and classic designs. Scyon® Stria® Cladding is a wide format cladding with a 15mm horizontal groove that has the classic appeal of solid masonry. Used in external walls in composite construction, full wrap, upper-storey or ground level extensions or internal feature walls. Pre-primed and easy to install, Scyon® Stria® Cladding is the fast way to achieve a timeless look and the feel of a solid masonry cladding. Scyon® Stria® Cladding has a simple, speedy installation method. The interlocking edges of Scyon® Stria® Cladding allow for quick installation on the wall. Scyon® Stria® Cladding is made using Scyon® technology, an advanced lightweight cement composite with heavy-duty performance. This technology enables thicker profiles, which are lighter to handle and it delivers enhanced durability and stability. Scyon® Stria® Cladding can be painted any colour.

Shingleside® Panel

Shingleside panel is a new product launched by James Hardie and is moisture resistant, low maintenance product. It has the character and charm of cedar shingles but has a durability of fibre cement.

Titan® Facade Panel

Titan® Facade Panel is a cost effective panelised wall cladding system. It is used in both commercial and residential applications. There is an ever increasing trend towards composite design to break up large walled areas into patterned surfaces.

HomeRAB® PreClad™ Lining

HomeRAB™ PreClad™ Lining is a 3.5mm thick fibre cement sheet sealed on the face and edges and is used as a rigid air barrier on residential buildings. HomeRAB™ PreClad™ Lining is manufactured in New Zealand using James Hardie’s CLD® Fibre Cement Technology which is a composition of cellose fibre, Portland cement, sand, ceramics and water. It complies with the requirements of AS/NZS 2908.

RAB® Board

A pre-sealed air barrier for use behind cavities in medium to high-rise facade construction. It forms a part of drained and ventilated pressure equalizing cavity system. RAB Board creates a drainage plane and is designed to withstand full wind loading.

James Hardie Weatherboards

James Hardie has a range of classic and contemporary profiles that suit most weatherboard designs.

Scyon® Axent™ Fascia

James Hardie has produces a CLD Fascia which is made using a ceramic low density fibre cement technology. The CLD Fascia (16mm thick) is a water and fire resistant product. The fascia can be fixed direct to the rafter ends depending upon their spacing.The

Scyon® Axent™ Trim

Scyon® Linea® Weatherboard

With their deep shadow lines, Linea™ Weatherboards are virtually indistinguishable from timber, ideal for traditional and contemporary homes.
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